WEBINAR Financial Resilience Amid Covid-19: Small Business Finances

Watch financial expert Hannah McQueen's webinar on Small Business Finances and building financial resilience amid Covid-19. If you'd like to speak to one of enableMe's Financial Personal Trainers you can book an initial consultation by heading to www.enableme.co.nz That consultation is discounted to $100+GST until the end of lockdown, and business owners may be entitled to a Government subsidy towards the cost of ongoing support.

Keita Kohere
about 2 years agoApril 15, 2020
Hi there, thanks for these free webinars...
Did I see you mention that you will be a supplier for business mentoring for SME's? Can you please advise when this will be announced and how I can connect?
Raju Periasamy
about 2 years agoApril 15, 2020
Hope to hear from you.
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